It’s not a surprise that many tourists and local residents choose to travel through Door County on bicycle.  Biking provides great exercise and an excellent view of the scenery in our beautiful county.

Around Sturgeon Bay, we have noticed an increase in bicycle lanes, including on Oregon and Michigan Streets, as well as Egg Harbor Road.  These bicycle lanes provide a safe and clear pathway for bicycles to share the road with cars.  The new bike lanes likely contributed to the recent announcement by the League of American Bicyclists naming the city of Sturgeon Bay as a “Bicycle Friendly Community.” 

However, it’s simply not practical for every road to have a bicycle lane, and many motorists may be unsure of the proper way to share the road.  Wisconsin statutes state that in order to pass a bicycle, a motorist must exercise due care, leaving a safe distance no less than three feet when passing the bicyclist.  Presumably, passing at higher speeds would require more distance.  Additionally, bicycles are considered vehicles on the road, and must obey all traffic laws. 

Door County provides a convenient map for bicyclists with recommended routes at http://www.doorcounty.com/pdf/brochure/BikeMap_updatedFront.pdf.