The main office of Pinkert Law Firm LLP is located at 454 Kentucky Street in Sturgeon Bay. (MAP) (DRIVING DIRECTIONS)

For the convenience of and to better serve the needs of our clients, we also have a branch office at 2294 Sunset Drive in Sister Bay (limited hours or by appointment). (DRIVING DIRECTIONS)

Once you’ve had a chance to visit our offices, we think you’ll understand what we mean when we say that despite the fact we’re proud of how our offices look, it’s how our offices work that really counts.

When we built and moved into our new Sturgeon Bay offices in 1984, we went to great lengths to design and create an environment where our clients would feel comfortable and where we could best serve their needs in a private, professional setting. We have remodeled and redesigned our space several times since and most recently added additional conference rooms with the capacity to accommodate larger groups of people often associated with depositions, real estate closings, and family consultations.

At Pinkert Law Firm LLP we’re proud of our offices. Not just because the environment is friendly and comfortable…but also because our offices allow us to best serve the legal needs of our clients. To provide our clients with the best, most efficient service possible, we operate with the most advanced computer technology available including computerized research capabilities on-site. Having research capabilities right at our offices means our clients can be assured of receiving superior legal counsel at all times.