Real estate transactions involve many different legal issues that are best handled by a qualified and experienced real estate attorney. In Door County, both the purchasing and selling of real estate, along with other related financial and ownership issues can involve regulations and requirements that go beyond the normal knowledge base of the average participant in the residential or commercial markets. Jim’s specialized skills in this arena are quite beneficial to ensure everything proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

One of Jim’s key roles as a real estate lawyer is that of document drafter. Jim’s sophisticated knowledge and experience with many types of real estate ensure that his clients get the protection they deserve. He prepares deeds for conveyance transactions, land contracts, and financing agreements. While state law allows real estate agents to help clients fill out these types of documents, only licensed lawyers can actually draft and revise the documents. Clients often ask Jim to negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate deals and play guardian to make sure they don’t fall into any unseen legal traps. This involves working with other attorneys, developers, brokers and investors. 

Jim knows that integrity and relationships are the foundation of the firm’s success. He loves practicing law and places his clients’ best interest and success in legal matters above all other considerations.

Professional Assistant: Mary Hartwig

Marquette University La School, J.D., 1970State Bar of Wisconsin
Marquette University, B.S., 1967Door County Bar Association