The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal recently reported on an investigation they conducted into a scam which tries to trick homebuyers into buying useless documents.  The report states that private companies are sending letter to new homebuyers requesting an $83 fee to receive copies of their deed and othe rpublicly available information.  The letters look official, and despite having a fine-print disclaimer, the letters are often mistaken for official government documents.

However, new homebuyers will receive their original deed from either the Register of Deeds or their title company for free after recording.  Additional copies can be obtained from the Register of Deeds office for a minimal fee.

For more information on the scam, visite http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/pi/scam-tricks-new-homeowners-into-buying-useless-documents-b99200536z1-245195821.html.

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