Southern Door Business Law Class Visits Pinkert Law Firm

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Business Law Class

The Southern Door Business Law class with teacher, Maree Baumann, toured Pinkert Law Firm LLP this past Friday, December 9, 2016. The students were interested in learning about how our law firm operates and discussed in detail the different types of law practiced by many of our attorneys.

This tour was organized under the direction of Markie Bscherer, Business & Education Manager for the Door County Business & Education Partnership.

Students (from left to right): Kelsey Todd, Zach Alberts, Cameron Rass, Olivia Mancheski-Thompson, Haley Dawson, Ashley Delfosse, Lydia Strandell, (teacher) Maree Baumann, McKayla Massart, Fiorellina Leocard (exchange student from France), Chris Hirthe, Isaac Delfosse, and Joe VanderMissen.