The Pinkert Law Firm is characterized by having a good sense of equity and fairness in their representation of clients. The result is that cases they handle end with far more successes than disappointments."

William C. Parsons
President, Palmer Johnson Distributors LLC

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Attorney Amy Goyette, Presenter
March 30, 2018 for more information and to register click  here.


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Associate Attorney, Amy Goyette maintans a general practice with a focus on personal injury, insurance defense, and employment law.  As an experienced civil trial attorney, Ms. Goyette has litigated a variety of matters and counsels clients on all phases of litigation, from inception throught trial.  Ms Goyette has also had the pleasure of providing the legal communtiy with presentations over the years.  She will be a featured speaker at an two upcoming NBI seminars.  One on Personal Injury Litigation and one on Medicare Secondary Payer and a State Bar CLE on Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance.

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Pinkert Law Firm LLP is pleased to announce that partner David L. Weber has been selected as a 2014 Wisconsin "Super Lawyer" by Super Lawyers Magazine.

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