Rental Weatherization/DILHR Program Eliminated, as of January 1, 2018

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

AMS Blog

The budget bill, recently signed by Governor Walker and submitted to the legislature, eliminates the Rental Weatherization/DILHR program.  This program made it difficult to buy and sell residential properties that were rented.  Previously, the state required buyers and/or sellers of rental properties to obtain special inspections and certificates to make a rental property compliant.  The repeal of this bill will remove yet another barrier to those who want to invest in rental properties.  Specifically, as of the New Year, rental property owners will not have to file Stipulations, Waivers or Certificates of Compliance related to the weatherization of the property.  It also means that the Rental Weatherization requirements will no longer inhibit the recording of deeds.

For more information on the repeal of the Rental Weatherization/DILHR Program or the legalities involved with the sale or purchase of rental properties, please contact our office to speak with Amy Sullivan.