2017 Wisconsin Act 67 Makes Major Changes to Wisconsin Land Use Law

Friday, December 8, 2017

Zoning and Land Use 2
On Monday, Governor Walker signed a new law that makes major changes to how private property can be regulated in Wisconsin.  The legislative intent of these changes is to make it easier for property owners to obtain conditional-use permits and variances, maintain non-conforming structures, dredge private ponds and appeal assessments when a homeowner refuses to let the assessor inside the house.  In addition, these changes will make it easier for property owners to (1) sell or build on substandard lots if the lots were legal when created and recognized by law; and (2) oppose merger of lots, without consent.

Act 27 changes longstanding practices associated with conditional use regulations and proceedings.  In addition, the Act creates new statutory provisions that mark a significant departure from settled law.  If you have questions about your private property rights in Wisconsin, contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Pinkert Law Firm LLP.  Our attorneys use their experience to guide our clients through the constantly changing regulatory process.